Firearm Training

With our unblemished reputation and our longstanding commitment to serving the purpose of the Firearms Control act 60 of 2000 and the previous act, we have become the leader in our field. The current owner has been in the trade for more than 25 years.

We were the first to establish a firearm training facility in the area long before firearm training became a pre-requisite for a firearm licence. As a well-established dealer, we can meet the challenges of the Firearm Control Act, to inform and meet the requirements of the shooting public of this area and serve them with the skill and dedication required by good sound business practice and the law.

We also buy and sell secondhand firearms, plus do motivations for firearm license applications.

Firearms Training Courses Offered

The scope of our accreditation includes the following unit standards:

Code Description Total
117705 Knowledge of FCA (Firearms Control Act) of 2000 R 1000.00
119649 Handle & Use of a Handgun R 1400.00
119650 Handle & Use of a Self-Loading Rifle R 1400.00
119651 Handle & Use of a Manually Operated Rifle R 1400.00
119652 Handle & Use of a Shotgun R 1400.00
123511 Handle of a Handgun (Business Purposes) R 1750.00
123514 Handle of a Self-Loading Rifle (Business Purposes) R 1750.00
123515 Handle of a Manually-Operated Rifle (Business Purposes) R 1750.00
123519 Handle of a Shotgun (Business Purposes) R 1750.00

Required Steps

You will need to complete the following steps to obtain your new firearm:

  1. Do firearm training at an accredited PFTC training provider.
  2. You need to apply for a competency at your local police station. They will need a set of fingerprints, 2x passport photos and contact details of 3x people you know.
  3. You need to purchase a firearm to obtain a serial number to submit a licence application.
  4. Apply for a firearm licence at SAPS.

Our firearm training centre in Empangeni, as well as our shooting range, are fully accredited with The South African Police ServiceNRCSSASSETAPFTC (South African Professional Firearm Trainers) and IFTA (The International Firearm Training Academy).